Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support

Remote Support increases response times,
lowers your costs
, and keeps your business running smoothly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the way businesses operate, and their threat landscape.

  • Staffing issues
  • Less incoming revenue
  • Mandates
  • Increase of cybersecurity threats
  • Increase needs for outsourcing

C18 understands the importance of your business being able to operate at optimum levels without failure. Your technology and business services are paramount and failure of your mission-critical processes is not an option in ensuring your continued success. Your IT infrastructure also allows for effective communication and information sharing in your organization.

Why worry about your network and infrastructure services when C18 can handle that job for you, leaving you to concentrate on what’s most important, your business. We offer superior off-site monitoring and support services whether you are local, national or international. C18 will save your company money in travel time and other expenses, reduce your downtime, and ensure that you have secure connections, boosting the performance of your company.

It is no secret that more than 50% of all IT budgets today go toward support and maintenance costs.  Couple that with the hefty price of paying in-house IT specialists or support people who can’t always get the job done, or are overwhelmed and can’t complete all tasks in a timely manner. This fact alone prompts companies to seek more cost-effective methods of support. C18 specializes in helping your company in the areas you need when you need it. We offer around-the-clock monitoring and network support services that are at your disposal, and we are also on the clock even when you’re not.

Our services are perfect for any sized company, in any industry. Anyone from the larger company with tons of employees to the small company with a handful to work with – any company that needs extra support in the information technology arena, or who are looking to quickly and affordably resolve their technology issues are a great fit for our services. Even if you have your own IT support department, using C18, as additional support, is an added bonus to your organization. C18 offers skilled technicians with the technical expertise and knowledge to handle your most complex problems.  We connect with your company along with a secure connection, offering some of the best advice and support in the industry.

At C18, we are always on the clock, day and night, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – providing excellent support, routine systems maintenance analysis and reports, and thorough network checks to help ensure that your systems always run at 100% efficiency helping your organization run at optimum levels. We offer specific contact agents and personalized services for all of our clients providing streamlined maintenance assistance that not only helps to provide increased environment availability but full optimization of IT services. Rest easy knowing that C18 will provide the latest and most recent backups of your data as well as secured duplicates of your critical data stored securely offsite. Not only will we provide backup, but we will also provide quick and easy restoration of data, including individual task items and to all of your locations.

With C18 be assured that you’ll get:

Elite technological support of your network and infrastructure
Record response times
Cost cutting services
Efficient assistance
Augmented company performance
Secure and reliable connection points
Skilled technicians ready to serve and assist you
Multi-platform flexibility
Foundation built on security

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