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Information Technology Management

As a strategic partner of your organization,
we look provide almost everything, under one roof.

Your information technology infrastructure is dire to your organization’s success. Simple things that we take for granted, such as being able to effectively communicate and share information is just as important as achieving whatever it is your company specializes in. That being said, the last thing your organization would want to think about is running into the “brick wall of problems”. Let C18 assist you with your IT support needs.

C18 provides Outsourced/Remote IT Support, Project Support, IT Staffing support and Security. You will find that our services go far beyond regular IT support. Whatever your project, process, or support requirements are, C18 will be there to help your organization, so that you can conduct business the way you know how, and more importantly, in the way that has brought you success up to this point.  Let C18 worry about your troubles while you worry about business!

Information Technology (IT) Support
Your organization needs comprehensive IT support solutions for your IT environment, which will enable you to diagnose and mitigate problems as soon as possible, so that the flow of business is not interrupted. C18 offers a single point of contact for all of your IT management needs. We offer simplified support services that not only help to provide increased environment availability, C18 will help to optimize the use of your IT products.
Project Management
Does your organization have a project that needs to be completed? Whether large or small-scale projects, C18 will assist your organization in planning, coordinating and managing all aspects of your project. We offer services in many of the well-known project System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Project Development Life Cycle (PLC), or Agile methodologies. We provide significant competencies in program and project management disciplines and the technical skills to capture, analyze and report these requirements utilizing your organization’s specialized tools and techniques, or offer tools of our own to assist you in achieving your projects success. C18 will prepare and present status reports on project schedules, costs management, deliverables, risks and risk containment strategies from inception to implementation. We offer strict adherence to Industry standards, best practices, as well as providing business intelligence that translates into lessons learned and best practices that can be used by your organization, again and again. C18 will also provide you with consistent and thorough reports and audits on your project from one phase to the next, until the project is successfully completed.
Information Technology (IT) Support Staffing
Is your organization short handed? Do you require extra support for your workload, projects, or someone with the expertise to fulfill your business needs? C18 can assist you in filling that void. We offer over 40 years of technical experience, and can offer the capable staffing support that your organization needs. We’ve built and fostered great business relationships over the years and believe that the key to long term, healthy business relationships lies in providing the absolute best services offered in the industry. If your company needs help, let C18 assist you with all of your staffing needs.
Process Documentation
Business processes are fundamental to the successful flow of business. Having official documentation of business processes and instructional materials on hand not only reinforces your organization’s knowledge base of the way you do business, but it also serves as reference points for your employees’ usage. C18 offers only the best in technical writing services. We provide technical writers and process documentation designers that will assist your organization in creating all of your process and instructional documentation. Software, hardware and business process directions are no problem.
Policy Creation
All organizations, whether they’re for profit, non-profit or government, public or private sector, have policies that must be adhered to. The policies are necessary to endure an organized, empowering, nondiscriminatory and convivial workplace for your organization. Whether you need human resource policies, compliance based policies, legal and statutory required policies, or even just to establish and reinforce work standards, C18 can assist you in the creation, development and ratification of your organization’s policies.
Internet and Phone Services
Your organization’s communication is fundamental for business. The last thing you’ll ever want to think about are your methods of communication failing. Your infrastructure should be robust enough to handle large amounts of data and communication transmission. Do you have the bandwidth required to achieve this. Are you looking for faster and more dependable speeds? C18 can assist you with reviewing and implementing upgrades to your network. Let us guide you to the right speeds and communications services that will fit your organization and budget.

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