Information Security Teams

Information Security Virtual Teams

Have IT staff, but need help with Security? That is where C18 has your back!

Cybersecurity is vital to ensure you protect your most valuable information assets. Unfortunately, since many senior level IT staff do not fully understand the technical aspects of cybersecurity, they often allocate insufficient resources necessary to effectively mitigate such risks. Many IT staff are not fully aware of the many pitfalls people in their position may fall victim to, since they heavily rely on assistants and assistance in accessing the resources they need or should have access to. Organizations are making sizeable investments in security to protect their data and systems. One such investment is a Virtual Security Teams. This program will provide an organization’s executive with enhanced data protection through improved technologies and application of best practices.

Because of their information access level, IT staff require a higher degree of security as the sensitivity to the information they access is of the highest importance and must be protected at all costs – from a security, auditing and statutory perspective. But with the exception of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and their direct reports, many IT staff lack the security acumen to properly face a world of threat actors looking to exploit the uninitiated and compromise unsecured data.

Critical 18 can work directly with your ream and contact each executive Committee member and your executive assistants to get started. We will work with all levels of management (both technical and non-technical) and executive leadership in detailing the importance of cybersecurity it’s high priority. Our team will help to assess your current information security practices, so that cybersecurity and risk management and mitigation is understood as a key component in your organizational strategy; providing the necessary tools and instructions in areas such as:

Data Encryption
Password Management
Mobile Device Management
Breach Perparation
Risk Assessments
Black-Box and White-Box Assessments and Metrics
Data Loss Prevention
Data backup/recovery

We also consider a litany of areas and scenarios, such as:

Executive travel – domestic and internationally
Working from home
segmenting a corporate connection to insulate from outside threats posed by casual home use of the internet
Physical security
physical access to a person who can be threatened or intimidated, may lead to unauthorized information access and therefore to a data breach

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